About Travis Kelly

I grew up in the suburbs around Ft. Worth/Dallas, Texas, escaping to the oasis of Austin for 8 years, where I was beknighted with a BA in Art from the University of Texas. After working as an art director for Dallas ad agencies, I escaped again to Tucson and the University of Arizona, earning an MFA degree in Painting and Drawing.

I was never a pure painter — "Those aren't paintings, they're colored drawings!" I was told. So be it. I'm a draughtsman, illustrator, designer and narrative artist, not a painter. Soon after graduating from the MFA program, I became fascinated with the possibilities of the Mac computer, and have been working primarily in digital media ever since.

I've spent most of the last 15 years residing in Moab, Utah and its neighboring city, Grand Junction, Colorado — both with stunning landscapes for hiking, biking and boating, but also cultural deserts in many ways. I was looking for more of an urban environment with a good economy, and friends and strangers who had either lived in or visited Boise were all unanimous: it's a great place to live!

So I packed up the U-Haul in Fall 2015 and made the move. So far, I'm very glad I did — Boise continues to surprise and impress me with great food, music, events, and very cool, friendly people!

On my Rans Rocket recumbent. Once you go 'bent, you never go back!